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Sharon and Davids Wedding

Kirsty and Callums Wedding

Anne and Bills Wedding

Madeleine and Geoffs Wedding

Andrea and Michaels Wedding

Janine and Alans Wedding

Ariane and Robins Wedding

Laura and Colin's Wedding

Irene and Brian's Wedding

Melinda and Stephen's Wedding

Rezi and Jordan's Wedding

Kirsty and Alan's Wedding

Katie and Stuarts Wedding

Louise and Alis Wedding

Nicole and Craigs Wedding

Gail and Dereks Wedding

Greig and Robs Wedding

Ashley and Michaels Wedding

Lorraine and Davids Wedding

Lynne and Steve's Anniversary and Renewal

Lindsay and Stuart Wedding

Natasha and Lee Wedding

Joanne and Darren Wedding

Elizabeth and Steven Wedding

Vivien and Iain Wedding

Gail and Chris Wedding

Katie and John Wedding

Jacqueline and Michael Wedding

Lynsey and Steven Wedding

Fiona and Rhys Wedding

Rachel and Lee Wedding

Samantha and Callum Wedding

Linda and Alistair Bruce Wedding

Lisa and Paul Cameron Wedding

Stephanie and Zander Wedding

Lise Lotte and Pal Kildemo Wedding

Lindsay and Andrew White Wedding

Rebecca and Richard Booth Wedding

Rebekah and David Cooney Wedding

Andrea and Shaun Henderson Wedding

Leeanne and Andrew Herd Wedding

Ami and Sean Mitchell Wedding

Lauren and Chris Bell Wedding

Jodie and Keith Lynch Wedding

Jodie and Keith's Photobooth

Monica and Paul McKeague Wedding

Kerry and Dominic Wilde Wedding

Elaine and David Crawford Wedding

Lisa-Jane and Scott Robertson Wedding

Stacey and Andrew Reid Wedding

Lindsay and Quintin Edwards Wedding

Noreen and Jonathan Morris Wedding

Claire and Kevin Abel Wedding

Leeann and Kevin Marshall Wedding

Andrea and Mark Donnelly Wedding

Patsy and Paul Wheatley Wedding

Victoria and Ross Hicks Wedding

Jean and Billy's Ruby Wedding Anniversary ~ Password is jean

Joanne's Hollywood Themed 30th Birthday Party

Linda and Ian Walle Wedding

Jane and Dean McGilvrey Wedding

Joanne and Allan Russell Wedding

Ashley and Danny Frew Wedding

Zoe and Steven Malcom Wedding

Jamie and Aimee Dawson Wedding

Kirsty and Damien Forker Wedding

Jane and Stephen Ayton Wedding Wedding

Joanna and Karl Gray Wedding Wedding

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